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GPM Pumping Systems
P.O Box 1621
Enid, OK 73701


GPM Pumping Systems pump up to 12,000 GPM in as little as 24" of water, or smaller pump systems, down to 14" of water.  Control panels are in Stainless Steel or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) enclosure on shore in inconspicuous locations.  This saves money by eliminating expensive buildings which have to be heated to keep from freezing in the winter, dehumidified and air-conditioned in the summer, and the sump pump to keep equipment dry.  GPM has several designs used for all types of lakes and ponds.

Made of HDPE and Stainless Steel—No flaking or rusting—Longer lasting—Constant temperature under water which extends motor life—No heating or cooling—No packing glands to replace—No noise or vibration—No bearing replacement—No oil to change—No wet well to clean—Ease of repair in 4 hours or less—No vandalism (locked and out-of-sight)—5 year warranty on HDPE & Stainless Steel parts.

Patented linear fusing process insures a life expectancy on the platform of 50 to 100 years.  This is why you choose GPM Pumping Systems...because you only want to do it once!














GPM Pumping Systems       P.O. Box 1621       Enid, OK 73701        800-722-8005       405-990-2531