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GPM Pumping Systems
P.O Box 1621
Enid, OK 73701


GPM Pumping Systems are designed for salt or brackish water transfer.  They can pump up to 15,200 GPM or 21.9 MGD in as little as 24" of water and our smaller pump systems down to 14" of water.  Control panels are Soft Starts or VFD drives in HDPE or Stainless Steel enclosures and placed on shore in inconspicuous locations. 

GPM designs incorporate single or multiple pumps using Stainless Steel or composite materials.  GPM offers pump and pump parts that defy the effects of salt water and most chemicals.  These pumps can operate in a wide PH range.  They run smoothly, dependably, day after day, year after year and require minimal maintenance.  They can withstand high-flash temperatures and continuous running temperatures of 400°F. 

GPM designs can pump water to infinite elevations out of mines and up mountains.  Our pumping systems do not require a wet well or pump building.  This feature saves from $30 thousand to $3 million on many installations.

GPM designs are high-pressured pumping systems that can be fitted with various nozzle applications for an evaporation process in all seasonal climates.

These units are self-propelled and remotely controlled from any point around the world to be able to lift anchor and move to any location within a body of water.   The following are additional unit features:

  • Winch and valves are pneumatically operated.
  • Pumps are removed and serviced in less than 8 hours.
  • Units automatically self-drain for winter shut down.
  • Units can be fitted with winter evaporation masts. 


Made of HDPE and Stainless Steel—No flaking or rusting—Longer lasting—Constant temperature underwater which extends motor life—No heating or cooling—No packing glands to replace—No noise or vibration—No bearing replacement—No oil to change—No wet well to clean—Ease of repair in 4 hours or less—No vandalism (locked & out-of-sight)—5 year warranty on HDPE & Stainless Steel parts.

Patented linear fusing process insures a life expectancy on the platform of 50 to 100 years.  This is why choose GPM Pumping Systems...because you only want to do it once!








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