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OneOK Refinery
Medford, OK

Lone Chimney RWD
Lone Chimney, OK

Mayes County, RWD #6
Adair, OK

Crowder College
Neosho, MO

Big Sugar Golf Course
Pea Ridge, AR

Blue Ridge Shawdows Golf Course
Front Royal, VA

Gaillardia Golf Course
Oklahoma City, OK

Emerald Falls Golf Course
Broken Arrow, OK

Terradyne Golf Course
Wichita, KS

Cornerstone Golf Course
Montrose, CO

Pryor Creek Golf Course

Nemaha Valley Golf Course
Seneca, KS


Make it Permanent...Only do it Once!

GPM Services will put a pump station system in your lake, river, effluent, or brine water pit, which gives you freedom and cost savings by eliminating a pump building or wet well, (a savings of $30,000 to $300,000). Also, there are no more hassles or expenses associated with the heating, cooling and maintenance of a building. The only component that needs to be installed on shore is the pump control panel. We provide the pumping platform, you have the option of using the pump and controls from your local pump service provider, or we can install and ship a turnkey pump station to you. We also offer other models of ballast tank designs that raise and lower pump stations for ease of service.
- Able to pump reservoir down to 14 inches
- 50-100 year life expectancy on Stainless Steel 
  &  HDPE materials
- Eliminates exposed electrical
- No object to hit (sits on bottom) out of sight
- No maintenance, longer lasting, water cooled
- No more pump noise
- Depth adjustable for water quality
- No building, no heating, cooling or freezing
- Self-rising for ease of change-out on shore, 4 
   hr.  max., 2 men
- 5 year Warranty on pumping container

The only on-shore panel needed

Easily installed and serviced

Installed out-of-sight in 
rivers, lakes or  ponds

GPM Pumping Systems       P.O. Box 1621       Enid, OK 73701        800-722-8005       405-990-2531